Flex Shot® Features & Benefits

  • Caulks, Bonds And Seals Virtually Everything!
  • No Need For A Caulking Gun!
  • No Running, No Dripping, No Mess!
  • Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time!
  • Expands And Contracts!
  • Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes!
  • Great For Crafts And Decorative Items!
  • No Waste – Use It Again And Again!
  • So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It!

See The Amazing Results For Yourself:

Learn More About Flex Shot®

      The makers of Flex Seal® bring you Flex Shot® - the revolutionary super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds and seals virtually everything. Flex Shot® is so easy to use – giving you a perfect bead every time. And because it’s so thick, you can fill huge cracks and holes, stopping the toughest leaks instantly! Forget about those bulky caulking guns. Flex Shot® is the neat and clean way to make repairs with pinpoint accuracy. Flex Shot® comes out nice and thick, clings to any surface, then turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible! Unlike regular caulks that dry out, shrink and crack, Flex Shot® expands and contracts making everything completely waterproof. The free extension tube makes even hard-to-reach repairs perfect every time! For all your DIY projects, get Flex Shot® in every color!

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Perfect For All These:

  • Kitchens & Bath
  • Sinks & Showers
  • Tubs & Tiles
  • Windows & Skylights
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Autos & Boats
  • RV’s & Campers
  • PVC Pipes & Duct Work
  • Crafts & Decorative Items

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Buy two large cans of Flex Shot® today for only $19.99 USD plus $9.95 USD shipping and handling, and $9.99 USD processing, plus applicable tax. You'll also receive two extension tubes and a FREE Handy Can of Flex Seal®.

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